Ancestral Explorations browser access on own server

I purchased a new Raspberry Pi 2B and installed Raspbian on a 32G smart card. Raspbian is still based on Debian wheezy so I’m back in familiar territory. In the mean time, I let my domain name expire.

Today, I got my new server set up started with a modified index page and four child pages. I had a wordpress blog on the old server but I have not tried to set that up yet.


New Name

This blog began as ‘the tentmaker’, a site for musings about all things religious. I retired from the pastorate in February 2014 and have not done much related to religion. I’m more in to computers and computer programming. Hence, the name change.

Back to this site

I have dismantled My geneaology database (Ancestral Explorations) is now hosted on my LAN and I have given up trying to restore my wordpress blog on the LAN. I have the WordPress database backed up in case I try again some time in the future.